Service Apartments Duty of Care – Can Strengthen Commitment to Employees Accommodation

Employees are your most important asset, and your commitment to their welfare is of paramount responsibility.

Posts involving national and international travel are now perceived by employees as it involves to certain risks. For this reason, duty of care and employee safety has become more important than ever for any company sending staff on national or international assignments.


“Companies recognize their duty of care towards staff, particularly home finding, and orientation and immigration services.” They also need to take an employee’s personal and emotional needs into account.

Stayforyou helps in achieving a good work-life balance in another city or another country.

When employees stay away from home for long periods, their sense of normality can become aggravated and disturbed.

The right employee’s accommodation can be the key to achieving a proper work-life balance to ensure that employees are both happy and productive. Serviced apartments offer a sense of freedom and normality which can’t be offered by hotels.

Corporate apartments in India offer expats the freedom, space, mobility and privacy to function just as they would in their own homes. In an apartment they can relax and look after themselves in a way that is simply not possible in a hotel. This in turn makes them feel like less of a tourist and more at home wherever they may be.

Health has become a major concern for business traveler. In a serviced apartment, an employee can take an active role in housekeeping and prepare their own food.

In addition, most serviced apartments are strategically located near business districts and airports, which are easily and safely accessible by car or public transport.

A company can demonstrate its commitment to the welfare of its employees by choosing expat housing which fully meets the needs of those who work. provides you with an apartment which is a bit more like normal home life.

This leads to a happier worker, greater work productivity and fewer HR issues.