Who We Are

stayforyou.com is an online place where you will be able to effortlessly search for a decent,nice stay for yourself in the location of your choice. With growing awareness about careers the youth is out of their house to find a right and a fulfilling job for themselves and for which they travel places either to take matching education or work as interns or else take up jobs. stayforyou.com provides you a range of accommodation according to your suitability at just the click of a key.

The best way to address this need was through a mix of technology and offline efforts. On the technology front, we found many websites that only communicate random listings, broker contacts and also unreal photos to name a few, and many times  only  add to the troubles of the home seeker as well as the sharer

We are an efficient and well-managed marketplace that has access to authentic information and at the same time which is simple to comprehend and transact. We undertake huge efforts in ensuring that the information on the website is authentic and detailed so that you as a user are empowered to make an informed decision with the least amount of fuss and strain on your pocket.